The Pal Ewam Namgon Nunnery School was established in 2011 to provide free Buddhist and secular modern education to underprivileged or orphaned girls in the remote Himalayan region of Mustang, a district of Nepal. Currently the school is home to 39 nuns from around Nepal. KF contributes to the education of these young women by funding the salaries of several of the school’s teachers.

“In this modern age, education is important. In Nepal, due to gender differences, many daughters were deprived of education,” said principal Lekshey Tendar. “Considering these past circumstances, we are motivating nuns [by providing] quality education in pleasant environments.”

In addition to offering modern education, the school is helping to restore the nunnery tradition by keeping Buddhism alive in harmony with more traditional schooling. In 2016, the school plans to take the nuns on a pilgrimage to Buddhist historical sites to inspire their learning and practice.

“Our goal is to awaken a consciousness in the heart of the nuns so they will be a responsible part of the larger community and uplift all humanity through prayers and blessings” said Tendar.

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