Khyentse Foundation Team

Khyentse Foundation is a collaborative effort of students, friends, volunteers and sponsors around the world. We are engaged in an international campaign to provide the necessary resources, capital, manpower, and knowledge to fund or seed a number of priority projects envisioned by Khyentse Rinpoche to support the community of dharma students and practitioners worldwide.

Bios,  photos, and contact information of all our team members are in the expandable sections below.


Executive Committee

Cangioli Che 陳季佩, Executive Director
Lynn Hoberg
Christine Ng 吳美茵
Isabel Pedrosa
Carolyn Yeh

Academic Development

Anja Hartmann, Chair
Sydney Jay, Research Director
Cangioli Che 陳季佩
Steven Goodman
Jun Xi

Carolyn Yeh

Monastic Institutes

Amelia Chow, Coordinator
Helena Wang
Toni Whittaker

English for Buddhist Scholars Committee

Ewan Adams, Project Manager
David Nudell
Ivy Ang
Deborah Dines
Deborah Lockwood


Stephanie Suter, Chair
Pawo Choyning Dorji
Kathleen Lyon
Jacqui Merrell
Luciana Novaes
Sonam Tenzing
Jun Xie

Ashoka Grants

Ngödrup Dorjee, Chair
Lisa Davison
Debra Dorjee
Steven Goodman

Translation Grants Subcommittee
James Gentry
Steven Goodman
John Canti

Education Grants Subcommittee
Sarah Hart, Chair
Jennifer Hogan
Lucie Jurikova
Candice Tsuei
Genevieve Waltcher
Jennifer Yo


Investment Committee

In order to achieve its goals, Khyentse Foundation relies on its patrons and the sound professional advice of an investment committee appointed by Khyentse Rinpoche comprised of financial professionals with experience of investment and portfolio management. Please read complete bios on the KF team or contact them directly from the links below. Or click on the images of our team members in the banner.

Isabel Pedrosa, Chair
Desmond Chum
Marco Noailles
David Tan
Angie Tsai 蔡安慈

Advisors to the Investment Committee

Gene Chan
Sylvia Lee
James Nelson
Luciana Novaes
Miles Santos



Khyentse Foundation India

S. Badrinarayanan, Board Member
Suresh Jindal, Advisor
Isabel Pedrosa, KF Liaison
Uma Pitta, Administration
Rajiv Sharma, Board Member
Deepa Thankur, Board Member
Prashant Varma, Advisor
Pema Wangchuk, India Liaison

India Program Committee

S. Badrinarayanan, Chair
Asha Pillai-Balsara

Zubin Balsara
Pravin Bauddha
Richard Dixey
Khenpo Choying Dorjee
Uma Pitta, Administration

Cangioli Che, Executive Director
Lisa Davison, Secretary
Marco Noailles, Treasurer
Lynn Hoberg, Administration Director
Pat Hanna, Beneficiary Coordinator
Su-yin Lee, Beneficiary Coordinator
Kathleen Lyon, Beneficiary Coordinator
Jacqui Merrell, Beneficiary Coordinator
Annie Ng, Beneficiary Coordinator
Simmy Makhijani, Administration Support


Marco Noailles, Treasurer
Toni Whittaker, Finance Manager
Helen Bonzi, Accounting Support
Pilan Chen, Accounting Support
Shelley Swindell, Accounting Support

Donor Relations

Mee Wah Tan, Worldwide Display Manager
Lynn Hoberg
Florence Koh 許功化
Amy Lee
Anita Lee
Candice Tsuei
Jun Xie

Impact Measurement

Anja Hartmann
Annie Ng
Isabel Pedrosa


Sarah Anne Wilkinson, Communications Director
Jessie Wood, Managing Editor and Photo Archivist
Jesse Klein Seret, Digital Communications Manager
Candice Tsuei, Communications Assistant
Maryann Lipaj, Design Director

Chinese Communications
Christine Ng, Chair
Vera Ho
Florence Koh 許功化
Jenny Qi
Chou Su-ching 周素卿, Taiwan
Mee Wah Tan
Candice Tsuei
Helena Wang

Video Team
Jesse Seret, chair
Kate McCreery
John Solomon
Helena Wang

Web and Technology
Dave Zwieback, Chief Technology Officer
Margaret Sablatnig, Database Director
Maya Van Der Meer, Website Designer
Josh Lee, Database Support
Luiz Gustavo Anflor, Technology Support
Jimmy Chen, Chinese Website
Tze Wai Chiu, Chinese Website
Peter Hu, Chinese Website

Country Representative Coordinators:

Lynn Hoberg
Christine Ng 吳美茵

Chantal Gebbie

Tashi Chozom

Leticia Braga
Luciana Novaes

Johannah Newmarch

Nicolas Flores
Doris Wolter

Hong Kong:
Anita Lee 李徴徵
Jun Xie

Zubin Balsara
Asha Pillai-Balsara

Emiliano Ysunza

Ang Gah Lin

New Zealand:
Ma Lan

Tessa Goh
Danny Lee
Frank Lee
Esty Tan

Marie Crivelli

Chou Su-ching 周素卿
Stephanie Lai
Kris Yao 姚仁喜

United Kingdom:
Yomei Maclellan
Penelope Tree

Linda Coelln
John Solomon


Kumarajiva Project: Translating the Tibetan Canon into Chinese

Jennifer Yo, Project Director
Sarah KC Wilkinson, English Editor
Ivy Ang
Cangioli Che
Rosalina Ho
Helena Wang

Translation Studies Scholarship Committee

Cangioli Che
Jacob Dalton
James Gentry
Pascale Hugon
Stephanie Suter

KF Publications and Communications Translations

Chou Su-ching 周素卿, Coordinator
Vera Ho 何念華
Yu-Chien Huang 黃郁茜
Joanne Liao 廖敏仁
Chun Hoi Tik (Heidi) 秦海迪
Sherry Lin 林瑀晨
Chen Su-li
Li-Hao Yeh 葉理豪
Hsin-Ju Chen 陳欣如
Jun Xie 謝軍

French: Marie Crivelli

Portuguese: Luciana Novaes

KF Ashoka Grant Education Committee
Sarah Hart, Chair
Jennifer Hogan
Lucie Jurikova
Candice Tsuei
Genevieve Waltcher
Jennifer Yo




Legal Counsel

Chime Metok Dorjee, Internal Counsel
Alexander Halpern LLC, Boulder, Colorado

Strategic Planning and Organizational Structure

Ivy Ang


McDonald Jacobs, PC, Portland, Oregon, USA